Who Can Join?

Who Can Join? - Blue Horizons

IBM Employees, including ex-employees, contractors and their families can join!

It’s quick and easy.

Membership to the Credit Union is open to anyone. Start enjoying the benefits of membership today.

Members are both customers and owners, so you have a real say in how your financial institution is run. Each member gets an equal say – one member, one vote. You can vote like any other shareholder and have the right to nominate for a Board Director's position if nominated by other members.

Contact Us for more information on becoming a Member.

Switching to Intech Credit Union
To make this as streamlined as possible, we can provide you the forms you will need to move your accounts...so you can enjoy the benefits of smarter banking. To help you manage the process, just print off our checklist to make sure you've covered all aspects.

Just follow our simple step by step guide.

Step 1: Open your Intech membership
Intech is a credit union which means you become a member when you open an account with us. Contact our friendly staff to open your membership.

Step 2: Choose the accounts suitable for you
Intech offers a range of savings accounts, term deposits, credit cards, home and personal loans. We also offer competitive general insurance, foreign exchange and financial planning services.

We can help you customise a package to suit your individual needs. Either browse this website, pop into a branch or call our friendly Customer Centre.

Step 3: Transfer your pay to your new account
You will need to provide your employer with our BSB number 802-351, your membership number and the name of the account e.g. Jim Smith. You can use our Pay Deposit Authority Form to make this an easy transition.

Allow at least one full pay period for your change to take effect. Check with your employer as to the time frame required.

Step 4: Transfer your direct debits and auto transfers
You will need to cancel all direct debits you have arranged on your old bank account. To make this easier we have created a Letter Template for you to use to notify your direct debit suppliers. Print out as many copies of the form as you need and mail a copy to each supplier.
If you have payments set up to debit your card you will need to change these also, use our
card template for this step.

Step 5: Register for Internet Banking, Telephone Teller & SMS Alerts
Simply follow our instructions online under any of these headings and you will quickly be able to register for all or as many of these as you prefer: Internet banking, Telephone Teller and SMS Alerts.

Step 6: Arrange your regular payments/auto transfers
Once registered, simply use the Funds Transfer option in internet banking to establish any regular payments you would like made from your accounts. Or as an alternative, just complete our Periodical Payment Form. Its simple and quick.

Step 7: Changing any regular credits or dividends to your new account
You need to make sure that any payments to you from share dividends, rental payments or other income is re-directed to your new account. Use our Letter Template to send to as many institutions as you require.

Step 8: Close your old bank account
You will need to contact your old bank to advise them of the closure of your account, once you are satisfied that all arrangements are completed. Most banks will require this in person or in writing.

If you require any assistance please
contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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