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The Credit Union Difference - Blue Horizons

Make the choice...Intech Credit Union.

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We don’t have the added pressure of maximising profits to pay external shareholders; because of this, we’re able to offer you better rates on our loans, savings and investment accounts.

There IS competition in banking. For example, you could save thousands of dollars on your home mortgage by choosing to deal with Intech Credit Union as opposed to one of the big banks. Compare us and see...

Intech CU’s fee structure has been developed with our members’ interests in mind. Where we need to charge fees out of necessity, we do so, whilst
communicating openly and honestly with you. Where we are able to reduce fees, or even cut them out completely, we also do so.

Intech CU takes the time to anticipate and understand your individual needs. Our staff know majority of our members by name and will often be found in deep discussions with them; learning more about whom they are, what they do, how their weekend was, and of course, how they can help. Intech CU staff take great pride in assisting members on a more personable level. It’s a win-win – you get the help you need, and it makes us feel good too!

Credit unions are member-owned. We exist solely to serve our members and our profits are reinvested to provide better products and services. Whereas Banks are shareholder-owned entities who are driven by profit and focus on paying high dividends to their shareholders.

Credit unions and banks are regulated in exactly the same way and both provide a range of savings and loans products. This is where our similarities end...We are different to them and proud to be so.

Whatever your situation, we have the perfect product or service to suit your individual needs.

Contact us today and see how we can YOU achieve your financial goals.

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