SMS Alerts

SMS Alerts - Intech Bank

You can set up regular alerts so that you can receive a message when certain events happen on your account.

For example, you may receive an SMS whenever a direct debit or credit happens or if your account balance falls below a certain level. The alerts can be setup in your Internet Banking session or by one of our staff.

Alert types include –

  • Direct credit received – be notified when you your pay hits your account
  • Direct debit received – lets you know when your payment is made
  • Account balance threshold – keep informed as to when your balance changes between a low & high amount set by you
  • Scheduled account balance – receive an alert on a set time and day on a schedule set by you.

A small fee applies to SMS Alert messages that are sent. Please refer to the Current Fees & Charges Schedule.

If you are not yet registered for Internet banking or SMS Alerts, click to apply

Security & Privacy
When you register for SMS Banking you authorise Intech Bank to send account information to your nominated mobile phone. The SMS we send may contain account information that you prefer to keep confidential. Once we have sent the SMS to your nominated mobile number, we have no control over who can access this information. SMS is not a secure form of communication.