Intech Credit Union - for IBMers

Intech Credit Union - for IBMers - Intech Credit Union

Welcome to the Credit Union for IBM employees

Intech Credit Union is a banking institution that was created "by IBM employees for IBM employees" back in 1971. The Credit Union is owned by its customers, otherwise referred to as members.

As an employee of IBM, you are eligible to join Intech Credit Union and access a host of exclusive and extra special banking offers and discounts available from Intech Credit Union. Low rate home loans, high rate savings, insurance specials, and fee waivers are just a few of the extra special banking deals on offer.

Click the image below to view the complete package of exclusive banking offers, plus learn more about the benefits of becoming a member today. Alternatively you can contact us on 1300 363 007 or click here to arrange a call back.

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