Financial Hardship Assistance

Financial Hardship Assistance - Intech Bank

We’re dedicated to helping our customers reach their financial goals; this includes helping during tough times.

We understand that temporary setbacks are a part of life and sometimes repaying your debts can be a real struggle. We are dedicated to providing assistance if you find yourself facing financial difficulty.

Hardship Assistance is available for a time period that will see you through your difficulties. Everyone is different and we will assess your specific situation and determine what assistance would be appropriate for your circumstances. We will give consideration to longer-term as well as short-term financial relief when they are relevant.

How to Apply

There are two ways that you can apply for Hardship Assistance:

1. You can contact our Collections team via phone on 1300 363 007; or

2. Complete the Hardship Assistance Application Form and return with supporting documentation via the following methods:

Post – PO Box 992, Crows Nest, NSW 1585

Fax – 02 9928 2931

Email -

Following receipt of your application, a member of the Collections team will contact you to acknowledge receipt of your application and provide you with their direct contact details.
Your application for hardship assistance will be assessed and we will determine the most appropriate solution for your situation. A decision will be communicated to you within 14 days.

While your request for assistance is being assessed, you should pay as much as you can reasonably afford to your loan.