Deposit Accounts


Deposit Accounts - Intech Bank

On 1 January 2017 Intech merged with Bank Australia and became Intech Bank, a division of Bank Australia.

We are gradually bringing the businesses together from a product, technology and operations perspective. As such, there will be an interim period where all products will be harmonised.

All savings accounts for new Intech Bank customers (from 1 January 2017), will be Bank Australia deposit accounts. To explore Bank Australia's range of savings accounts click here.

If you have a pre-existing deposit account with Intech (i.e. prior to 1 January 2017), you can find relevant information below and in the deposit account content throughout our website.

Please note that customers who already have an existing deposit account with Intech (i.e. prior to 1 January 2017) can still open a new deposit account with Intech Bank.

For all questions or to discuss your specific needs please contact our Financial Services Centre.

Always read and consider the Conditions of Use, Fees & Charges and Summary of Accounts before choosing the best product for you.