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FAQ: Titanium VISA Cards
Do you have any questions about our Titanium Visa cards? Find the answers to some common questions below and if you have any other queries, feel free to Contact Us.

1. Updating your details

2. Lost or stolen cards and other difficulties

3. Consumer Information

4. Managing my card account

5. Activating your Card

1. Updating your details

How can I change my address details?
Login to Internet Banking, go to the tools section where you can update your details or click here to register any changes to your details or complete the online form which can be found on our
Contact Us page.

2. Lost or stolen cards and other difficulties

My card has been lost or stolen - what do I do?
Report your lost or stolen Titanium Visa to the VISA hotline immediately on 1800 648 027. Call us to arrange for a replacement card or download the Card Replacement Request Form.

I'm having problems using my card
If your card isn’t functioning as it should or you are having any other problems with its use please call our Financial Services Centre or complete our online form which can be found within Contact Us.

I'm having problems making payments
If you are experiencing financial difficulties the worst thing you can do is ignore the problem. We exist for the benefit of our members, and if you are unable to meet your repayments you should Contact Us as soon as possible and together we will discuss the options available to you.

I've forgotten my PIN
Visit a rediATM (excluding NAB machines) to change your PIN or contact our member service officers to have a new PIN sent out to you. You can also visit any of our branches to change your PIN in person.

I have a complaint or a dispute
We treat all concerns seriously and in the strictest confidence. Please contact us or download the complete Complaints Guide to find out more.

3. Consumer Information

What are the Terms & Conditions of the Titanium Visa Credit Card?
Know your rights and responsibilities by taking time to read the terms and conditions.
Click here to download the Titanium Visa Terms and Conditions.

How does the credit union protect against fraud on my Titanium Visa Card?
We are committed to providing the highest levels of fraud protection for you. Our FraudAlert system enables early warning of suspect account activity and aids identification of specific or new fraud trends. FraudAlert scans transactions for suspect card activity (skimmed or counterfeit) and once detected, we can notify you of this activity.

What are the Fees & Charges of the Titanium Visa Card?
Click here to see a full list of our fees & charges.

Where can I use my card?
You can use your card at any ATM where the Visa sign is displayed:

ATM Cash withdraws of up to $1000 dollars per day
Use of over 840,000 Visa cash machines in 150 countries
Accepted at over 20 million outlets worldwide

How do I transfer my existing credit card balances to my Titanium Visa Card?
Overwhelmed by too many cards and statements? Transfer the balance from any existing credit or store cards to a Titanium Visa card and streamline your accounts to one card with one payment and one statement per month. Call our Financial Service Centre to find out how to consolidate your cards.

How do I add additional cardholders?
You can choose to have additional cardholders over 18 years of age attached to your Titanium Credit Visa card. Additional cards are configured exactly as your own and you are responsible for its use. The person you authorise to hold your additional card will share your credit limit and you will receive one statement for both cards. 

4. Managing my card account

View your Titanium Visa statements online by logging into Internet Banking.

5. Activating your card

How do I activate my card?
Cards can be activated within Internet banking or by
contacting us.