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About Us - Intech Bank

The origins of Intech Bank go back more than 50 years when employees of iconic technology companies IBM and Telstra set up credit unions to provide better banking to their fellow employees. Today, all Australian technology employees and their families can benefit from our products and services.

We are a division of Bank Australia, one of Australia’s largest customer owned banks.

Together, we believe that money should be put to good use, to create positive social, environmental and cultural outcomes. A kind of mutual prosperity for all.

Customer Owned Banking

Being customer owned means we put people before profits. Not being bound by the demands of investors means we act in the best long term interests of our customers.

Put simply, as a customer and part owner of the bank, we’re answerable only to you. We respect your point of view, which is why our customers each have an equal say in how we go about our business.

Our profits are reinvested in the bank to provide fairer fees, better interest rates, and the responsible products and services that our customers expect.

We have to meet the same prudential standards that apply to all Australian banks, so you can be certain that banking with Intech Bank by Bank Australia is safe and secure.

Supporting Australia's Technology Sector

At Intech Bank, we believe that a healthy technology sector is vital for Australia and we are helping to build this sector.

We fund scholarships for disadvantaged students at the University of Technology in Sydney and Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, and we sponsor the prestigious iAwards.

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