Intech 2016 Swinburne Scholarship

Intech 2016 Swinburne Scholarship - Intech Bank

As you know we believe a healthy technology sector is vital for Australia so we continue to support the sector. Each year we fund scholarships at University of Technology Sydney and Swinburne University of Technology to help the next generation of IT professional on their path.

On Wednesday May 4, the recipient for the Swinburne University scholarship was announced. We are pleased to announce Jeremy Box as the recipient for the 2016 scholarship.

We had a chat with Jeremy to find out where his passion and desire for the IT industry came from.

Is there a moment you can remember that started your passion in I.T?
I remember from a young age, being quite adept with computers. I would spend hours navigating the home computer, playing and learning the ins-and-outs of software programs, to the point I had begun showing my parents how to operate certain programs. Though, what really kicked off my passion for I.T. was when I was 15; I was working a part-time job and saving all the money I could. Having spent weeks reading guides on the internet, I finally purchased all the necessary components and built my first computer. It was an amazing achievement as a 15 year-old, and I’ve been tinkering, playing and building computers ever since.

Is there a specific area in I.T which interests you?
Prior to my commencement in my Bachelor of Computer Science, I undertook some online programming classes to aid in my learning. I found great interest in the coding of software, the development life-cycle, and all the engineering involved in the creation of programs.

Could you give us some insight into how the Intech scholarship will help you?
Unfortunately, a passion for technology and I.T. is expensive. Being awarded the Intech Scholarship in Information Technology helps me greatly in the purchasing of specific software licenses of programs contiguous to those used in my course. Alongside the software, as many people know, study material is very expensive – the scholarship will further aid me in the purchasing of materials and textbooks (even in a Computer Science course, we still need textbooks!) for my studies.

After you graduate, do you have an ideal job / company in mind you would like to pursue?
As I have focused my major studies towards Cybersecurity and Software Design, my ideal job post-graduation would be a software engineer; learning to lead large teams and designing major software applications for governments or large corporations. Ideally, I would love to work with a start-up company; I believe they could provide incredibly valuable work experience in a great atmosphere.

Where would you like to be in 5 years?
Looking towards the future, I hope to be working with a company as passionate about I.T. as I am; working within a team, building and designing new and innovative software programs that have real impact on the industry and end users.

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